Helping a shy child make friends

//Helping a shy child make friends

Before you try to do your little one a favor by setting up lots of play dates, remember it’s not the number of pals your child has that’s important. One or two close ones will be enough to help them feel more comfortable about friendships. To help kids navigate their social world a little more easily: Birth to 3 years

  • Do: Set a foundation by organizing playgroups with other babies or toddlers. This will let your child learn to feel comfortable when interacting with new people.
  • Don’t:Overwhelm him with too many social occasions. Little ones need downtime, too. 3 to 5 years
  • Do: Set a loose agenda for play dates — it’ll make your preschooler feel less anxious. For example, have them choose two games they’d like to play, and tell them to give their guest these options when they arrive.
  • Don’t: Invite too many kids over for too long a time. One child for one hour is plenty to start with. 5 to 8 years

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