Four’s Class

//Four’s Class

Four-year-old class is designed for the children who did not meet the age requirements for VPK (4 as of Sept. 1st). Much like VPK, this class is still prepping for Kindergarten while maintaining age appropriate practices. Circle ā€œCā€ Ranch stays up-to-date on the state requirements for benchmarks of accomplished skills that a kindergarten child is required to meet.

Computer skills and technology is a weekly part of their curriculum. Music, horses, petting zoo, puzzles, dramatic play, centers, and foreign language are all important to their daily routine.

Our four-year-olds enjoy a greater variety of experiences and more fine motor activities like scissors, art manipulation, and cooking. They are able to concentrate and remember as well as recognize objects by shape, color, or size. Our 4ā€™s are developing basic math concepts, learning to write and identify their name, and creating problem solving skills. They learn to combine ideas into more complex relations and have growing memory capacity, fine motor, and physical skills.

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