Toddlers Class

//Toddlers Class

With this very young group we will begin with Nursery Rhyme games — bye-bye, peek-a-boo, so big, etc.

We introduce language by using the proper sounds for words that are used frequently. We also like to introduce songs and simple phrases in Spanish.

Gross Motor Skills are taught by showing our toddlers how to bend, pick-up, turn around, and even walking. Another great gross motor skill is riding horses. You would be surprised how many toddlers love to ride horses and how much it helps them learn to balance, hold reins (fine motor), and body coordination.

We introduce balance, music, and rhythm while also learning each others names.

Fine Motor Skills are taught by encouraging your child to pick up small objects with his first finger and thumb, which build the muscle tone later used for holding a pen or pencil.

Your child will be encouraged to move objects from one hand to the other and we will teach your child to throw a small ball with a forward arm motion.

Problem Solving is encouraged with activities like hiding toys under a piece of paper or cloth to see if your child can find it.

Personal Social interaction is encouraged by one-on-one teacher involvement.

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