Two’s Class

//Two’s Class

Children can enter this class as early as 24 months. The children will stay in this classroom until they are potty trained. Potty training is a happy, cooperative part of our two’s development and we work closely with our parents to encourage positive reinforcement.

Two’s are introduced to a new theme each week using different activities as songs, finger plays and manipulatives to enhance their social skills as well as develop their motor skills. The children also learn to interact with the other children which is an important part of their development.

Your two’s will find an atmosphere of affectionate attention and patient, warm teachers that is very essential for this age. Since two-year-olds are active learners, story time and puppets are used to teach the children to sit in circle time which then becomes a group learning activity. Also learning how to play in centers is a large part of this age group’s daily routine.

The children also experience introduction to foreign language, computers, music, horses, petting zoo and a large shaded playground.

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